A24W4402aaHank Zilm, Mayor of Toluca

I would personally like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit my hometown, the City of Toluca! Toluca has a great deal to offer whether you are considering becoming part of the community or just stopping by for some great Italian food!

Toluca exhibits the small town atmosphere many people seek while offering programs, services and employment opportunities that many times are limited to much larger communities.

These services and programs include a progressive school district, an active park district, civic organizations, youth programs, essential medical and law enforcement services and a city government composed of elected officials dedicated to the welfare of all of the citizens.

Toluca’s housing market provides affordable options for individuals as well as any size family. These options include real estate purchases as well as rental opportunities.

Whether you are looking for a dynamic community to raise your family or just looking for a quiet place to retire, Toluca has it all!! I invite you and your family to visit Toluca in the near future to experience for yourself what Toluca has to offer!! I look forward to meeting you!!

Solicitors/Peddlers Permit

Solicitors and peddlers must submit an application 10 prior to scheduled date of activity, to the City Clerk and said permit must be approved by the City of Toluca before any activity can proceed. Download Application


City Officials

Mayor: Hank Zilm (309-238-8665)
City Clerk:
Roanna Richards  (815-452-2912)
Treasurer: Ann Miller
Office Manager: Sandy Cline (815-452-2406)



1st Ward
Scott Richards  (815-452-2912)
Paul Perry  (309-253-1443)

2nd Ward                                              
Richard Alden (815) 579-9726
Jesse Middleton (815) 510-1808

3rd Ward
James E. Vallazza  (815-452-2886)
Terry Miller  (815-452-2727)

City Workers:

Dave Dollinger  (815-257-2101)
Mike Rinehart – Jeff Ryan – Tyler VonNordheim


Water Treatment   (815-452-2809)
Sanitary Treatment   (815-452-2809)


Finance: Miller, Vallazza, Alden
Water, Sewer and Lights: Vallaza, Miller, Middleton
Public Grounds and Buildings:  Miller, Perry, Alden
Public Works, License, Judiciary: Miller, Richard, Perry
Purchase Claims and Accounts: Richard, Middleton
Police: Miller, Vallazza, Alden
Planning:  Miller, Perry
House Numbering: Dollinger, Rinehart, Perry
Civil Defense: Tim O’Conner
Health: Dollinger, Hoffmeyer
Building Commissioner: Dave Dollinger
Zoning Board Chairman:  Greg Haugens
Streets and Alleys:  Richard, Perry, Middleton
Freedom of Information Officers: Dollinger, Cline
Open Meetings Act: Dollinger, Cline



municipal code

Toluca, Illinois Municipal Code to view current Toluca, IL municipal codes